The Proper Barbershop, OC & LA with Vinnie!

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The Proper Barbershop, OC & LA with Vinnie!

  Recently we had a visit from Vinnie who is owner of The Proper Barbershop which has locations is both Orange County & Los Angeles. We to the opportunity to give him the run down of questions to find out a bit more about the man. Let's get down to the brass tax with Vinnie!

Name of Business, and location of shop or business?

The Proper Barbershop one is in Hollywood CA and the other is in Orange County CA

 Favorite quote?

Stand for something or fall for anything! That and everybody wang chung tonight.

 Childhood dream profession?

Pro Baseball Player!

 More relaxing, beach or mountains?

Beach all day son!

 Something you sold, gave or threw away you wish you had back?

My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys from my childhood.

 Have you ever been on stage for something not related to your current profession?

Yes I have done plays back in the day and I killed it at a luau in Hawaii!

 Person(s) you learned the most from in your craft?

Hmmm I would have to say old man Nicky, Shane Nesbit, Pat Regan

 Hobbies outside of work?

I play ice hockey

 Favorite pro athlete? (Current or retired)

Ken Griffey Jr. And Nicklaus Kronwall

 Dream car (or bike)?

65 Lincoln 

 What city did you grow up in?

I grew up in West LA 

 What country/ city would you like to visit that you have yet to go to?

Scotland for sure. 

 What country/ city was your favorite that you have been to?

Toronto Canada I absolutely loved it!

 What is something people would be surprised you enjoy?

Dave Mathews Band, don’t fucking judge me!

 Favorite rotary clipper?

I don’t use any rotary. 

 Favorite adjustable level clipper?

The Gold FX by Babyliss 

 Favorite edger/ trimmer?

Rose gold FX by Babyliss 

 Other barbershops/ barbers you follow?

So many, I follow tons and tons but I love all my friends shops and I rock only barber shop shirts so I have love for so many in the industry.

 What brought you to barbering?

A good friend of mine in high school he was the first person I knew who was into hair and he helped me on my path!

 How do you feel about barber battles?

Everything has its place. 

 A few words for beginning barber in school?

It is long and hard and you have to absolutely love this craft, don’t exploit it embrace it!

 What do you like currently trending in the industry?

I am a huge lover of the low fade and I don’t know if it is trending but that is what I love right now 

 What you don’t like currently trending in the industry?

I am not a fan of enhancements 

 Top 5 rappers or hip-hop groups?

Notorious BIG, Tupac, Big L , Eminem, Jay Z

 Top 5 Bands and or musicians?

Thursday, Anberlin, AFI, Dave Mathews , Misfits

 Play any instruments?

Slap da bass

 Any current sponsors or people you would like to thank or parting words for the industry?

It costs us nothing to support each other! Thanks to Irving Barber company and Babyliss for loving me and supporting what we do!! Xoxo 


Make sure to check out Vinny and his shops!


The Proper Barbershop


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